Leave the sugar ridden and deceiving cereal boxes on the supermarket shelf.. we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives ?? Instead, make your own nutritious, delicious & dead easy breakfast granola at home ?You’ll know exactly what’s in it, you can make it to taste and you can buy your ingredients in bulk and make a large batch and save yourself some hard earned mulla ?You can even soak this recipe in some fresh juice, milk of choice or water for a Bircher muesli.

You Need: 2 cups of oats, 1/2 a cup each of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, coconut chips, 1/2 a cup of raw organic honey or rice malt syrup (your choice), 1/2 a cup of coconut or macadamia oil and a tsp of cinnamon.

How To: Heat oven to 150 degrees. Mix all dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Gently heat the honey and coconut oil in a saucepan until it makes a nice syrup (careful not to let it boil). Place all dry ingredients into a large oven tray and pour the honey/coconut oil over the top and stir until the mix is coated. Place tray in the oven, stiring every 15 mins until the mix is toasted and slightly brown (up to you how toasted).

Once finished in the oven, I like to add a handful of goji berries. Serve with natural yogurt, milk of choice or use it in chia puddings or smoothie bowls.