It’s that time of year where ‘new year, new you’ is thrown at you several times a day and loads of different supplements and detox programs come to the surface claiming to make you drop astronomical amounts of weight in no time, requiring little changes and almost no effort. Word of warning, if it seems too good to be true…it generally is!

But there are good cleansing programs and there are bad ones. The type of detoxing that I don’t find particularly healthy or recommend are those that put a lot of stress on the body and utilize harsh methods such as fasting for long periods, cutting out entire food groups or those that use laxatives which can have all sorts of long term consequences in terms of gut health and nutrient deficiencies. ALWAYS seek cleansing programs from registered practitioners, not ‘internet/social media gurus’.

Good detoxing, on the other hand, is designed to support the organs of elimination, which is how natural detoxing takes place, and provides a balanced diet that can be sustained long term. Instead of detoxing for certain periods of time, make it a dietary shift to eating in a more balanced and nutritious way everyday.

A huge player in the body’s natural detoxing mechanisms is the liver. It does this in two stages, phase 1 and phase 2. Symptoms of weight gain, slow metabolism, fatigue, bloating, nausea, IBS, intolerance to alcohol, headache etc can all be signs of an unhealthy liver. And it is of no surprise that these symptoms are all quite common in clinical practice considering the amount of work the liver has to do to process all the toxins, food additives, drugs, alcohol and environmental chemicals on a daily basis. The more of these things you are exposed to, the more stress is placed on you liver.

Something as simple as getting up in the morning, having a cup of coffee with a tsp of sugar or sweetener, hoping in the shower and using un-natural shampoo, conditioner and other cosmetic products, walking to work in busy traffic and having a processed meal for lunch is a perfect example of how sugar, stimulants, processed foods, chemicals placed on your skin and environmental chemicals build up on a daily basis and increase the toxic load on the liver.

Detoxing or cleansing is all about minimizing the toxic load and supporting the organs of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and also lungs. For each organ to function optimally, they need the help of certain nutrients we call ‘cofactors’. A detox worth doing will supplement with these cofactors to get everything working up to speed, whilst also obtaining the required nutrients through a diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables and animal products.

The cleanse program that I offer as a qualified Naturopath offers evidence based supplements with therapeutic dosages to assist and support the body’s natural detoxing mechanisms/organs of elimination in conjunction with a nutritionally balanced, tox free diet that can be carried on into normal day to day eating – note: no periods of starvation or nasty laxative effects.

Our cleanse is done over 2 weeks, utilizes the best of the best scientifically research supplements and consists of 36 recipes you can keep for life. Great for those new to cleansing or those that feel they need a reboot to kick-start the new year.

Also available is the naturopath formulated organic herbal tea blend ‘Happy Tummy’. Designed to support a full body cleanse with medicinal herbs such as
• Dandelion root – antioxidant activity specific to the liver, aids in bile production essential for digestion of fat.
• Saint Mary’s Thistle – A liver protective, especially useful for those that consume a lot of alcohol.
• Green tea – Increases the livers detoxing capabilities, assists with weight loss
• Meadowsweet – balances stomach acidity
• Licorice – anti-inflammatory and protective of the gut lining
• Gymnema – reduces sugar cravings and balances blood sugar
• Red clover – increases lymphatic drainage and lymphatic congestion

Our cleanse in a cup ‘Happy Tummy’ is available to purchase as a daily tea tonic online.

If you think that the two week cleanse is something you could benefit from, get in touch via our contact page for full details to get started.

There is no reason why 2018 can’t be your healthiest year yet and your year to achieve your health goals. I am a huge advocate for regularly investing a little in your health in the present to avoid investing A LOT on your health in the future. Whether it is more energy, less brain fog, better digestive function, fewer headaches or weight loss you are aiming for – it IS achievable.

Happy cleansing!

BHSc Naturopathy