Moodiness. Maybe you’re the type to get a little over anxious? Perhaps you are more inclined to stay in bed feeling unmotivated and gloomy? Or maybe you can feel yourself turning into the incredible hulk for no real reason (a term my delightful partner once used one rather stressful day… thanks mate). Whatever the case, this constant, swinging yoyo is rather taxing on both you and those around you. While it is natural to feel highs and lows and not be in an amazingly, fantastic mood 100% of the time, it is not normal to have mood swings occurring regularly and disrupting your overall happiness.

So if you are inclined to become a bit of a yoyo and feel a little stabilizing is in need, read on to find out what is a key contributor in your diet and why our Balance herbal tea blend is about to become your new best friend!

How To Find Some Emotional Zen

The biggest culprit messing with your moods? SUGAR!! The deceiving thing about sugar is, even if you think you are not consuming a great deal of it, it is hidden in things you believe (and are told to believe on the packaging) are healthy. Things like cereal, juice, muesli bars, yogurts etc can have loads of hidden sugar in them. It’s time to get sugar savvy! The easiest way is to make your foods from home!

The Sugar Effect

 So how is sugar impacting your mood exactly? When you consume sugar, your body then has to counteract it by releasing insulin. This leads to a rapid decrease in blood glucose, which causes the body to compensate by releasing adrenaline. This release of adrenaline puts the body into a state of ‘fight or flight’ mode, which will commonly result or exacerbate anxiety. If you are a highly-strung type, or suffer with anxiety – ditch the sugar!

Sugar is also a highly inflammatory food, which means it will cause your body to release inflammatory messengers called cytokines. More and more research is showing us the link between these inflammatory cytokines and depression. These cytokines will also effect your skin causing premature aging. If you want healthy glowing skin with that good mood – ditch the sugar.

Sugar is a highly addictive substance, like recreational drugs you will get the initial ‘sugar high’ shortly followed by a crash – often the culprit of the good old ‘3pm slump’. So when you do start coming off sugar, bump up your protein intake particularly in the morning to help sustain your energy and mood and stop the highs and lows. It will take around 21 days to change a habit, so stick with it!

If you need help creating a balanced diet and kicking some bad habits get in touch to enquire about our naturopathic Cleanse. A Cleanse I personally use to stabilize my mood and energy.

*Tip: Happy Tummy tea contains a herb called Gymnema, fantastic at reducing sugar cravings by blocking certain receptors. Magnesium is also amazing for balancing blood sugar and reducing cravings. Speak to a qualified Naturopath for supplementation.

Balance Tea To Balance Mood

 As the name implies, our Balance tea is a Naturopathically formulated blend designed specifically to help balance mood as well as other symptoms of PMS.

This utterly delicious blend helps to regulate hormones, balancing out oestorgen with herbs such as Chaste tree berries and Fennel, which in turn can result in reduced mood swings and anxiousness.

Scullcap is a little gem of a herb included in the blend perfect for the gals that get irritable and overwhelmed with their mood swings.

Balance also contains licorice… because yum! And also licorice helps to modulate sugar cravings whilst giving you a sweet fix that isn’t detrimental to your health. In ancient Ayurveda, sweet taste soothes our nervous system and brings us comfort, so it is no wonder we crave something a little sweet when we are feeling vulnerable. This sweet tasting tea will provide that comfort in a healthy and beneficial manner.

Burdock and Rose buds are the other magic herbs in this blend, working to relieve stagnation and provide some rather lovely skin clearing benefits, with hormonal related acne often putting a dampener on a gals mood.

Balance tea can be taken daily at any stage during your cycle and works wonders to help regulate mood and decrease symptoms of PMS. As written on the label, ‘A deliciously sweet blend for the girls, so we can carry on like Queens every day of the month!’

Hope this helps beauties, feel free to get in touch with any enquires!

Tiarni (BHScNAT)