About me

A bit about me professionally

I am an accredited practicing Naturopathic practitioner with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree Naturopathy and a bit over three years of clinical experience under my belt. I have a huge passion for herbal medicine and therapeutic nutrition. Through clinic I assist my clients to achieve their individual goals and empower them to create a lifestyle that supports optimal health and wellbeing, long term. I strongly believe that balanced nutrition and lifestyle are the backbone to maximizing our health and wellbeing, utalising food as a medicinal tool and combining nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine to further support the healing process.

Over my years of practice, my knowledge and passion for herbal medicine has lead me to develop my own range of organic herbal tea blends, bringing the therapeutic power of plants to a wider community then just my clients I see in practice.

I strive to achieve a solid understanding and connection with each individual client and their personal circumstance and I am a strong advocate of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle that is not only achievable for my clients to maintain, but enjoyable!

A bit about me personally

I have grown up on a family farm by the sea, which has fueled my love and understanding of nature and natural living from a young age. I draw much of my inspiration from nature, not only in my work as a Naturopath, but through my creativity as an artist.

On top of being a Naturopath and Artist, I am also a horse rider and instructor. Horses are a huge part of my life and always have been. I adore animals, particularly my kelpie Finn. I love learning, exploring and photographing new places and I have my partner, Matt, to thank for keeping me centered in my busy and inspired lifestyle.

I am a passionate, intuitive and energetic person and I pour this into everything that I do. My main aim in life is to laugh, have fun and help others do the same.